Front of country cabin in Salisbury CT with covered front porch & gable dormer
Country cabin with covered front porch & garden
Rear of country cabin with shed dormer & patio
View of the covered deck in the front of the cabin with natural wood siding
Front view of the cabin in Salisbury CT
Gravel parking space in front of the cabin

    Lake Cottage, Salisbury, CT

    This 1,280 sq. ft. lake cottage is designed as a country cabin with natural wood siding, a covered front porch, and a gable dormer & shed dormer on the steep a-frame roof.

    This country cabin is at home in the woods of Salisbury, CT. The covered front porch has a rocking chair for enjoying the garden in the front of the cabin. On the second floor, a gable dormer on the front and a shed dormer on the rear of the building open up the upstairs space, let in extra light, and add interest to the roofline. It’s an efficient, rustic, and relaxing cabin that the owners love to visit.