80' x 120' Timber Frame Barn (Hopkinton NH)
View from inside the timber frame looking up at the timbers from the center aisle
Gable view (tall center aisle flanked by eleven 32' clear span trusses on either side)
Our timber framers on top of the world
Looking straight up in the timber frame barn at the cupola
16' x 16' x 18'H timber frame cupola with pine tree on top
Long shadows cast by the huge timber frame barn
Crane on site during the raising
Crane lifting 3 rafters at once
Close up of the 32' clear span timber trusses
Close up of the center aisle timber frame
Cupola and roof rafters (there are 104 8x12x20' timber rafters)
Looking up at the cupola boss pin
From the center aisle looking up a the cupola
Wide view inside the center aisle
Wide view under the 32' clear span trusses (looks like a timber frame pavilion inside the huge barn)
Close up of the timber truss design
View from the second floor loft
Opposite angle of the center aisle
Dramatic angle showcasing the intricate timber frame barn design
Gable view of the massive barn timber frame
Timber framing crew after a snowy raising day
Timber framing crew after the raising of the frame was completed

    80' x 120' Timber Frame Barn, Hopkinton, NH

    This is the largest barn we’ve raised to date. 5 tractor trailer loads totaling 70,000 board feet of Douglas Fir timber all from the state of Washington went into this mega barn in New Hampshire.

    Focusing on the design, this timber frame barn is a center aisle barn with clear span wings. A wide and tall center aisle reaching 47' to the peak of the cupola is flanked on either side by eleven 32' clear span trusses, creating the impression of two pavilions inside the barn on either side of the center aisle. Above it all are (104) 8x12x20' timber rafters. For comparison, most Carriage Barns only have (4) 8x12 beams.

    Custom steel connections were designed to transfer loads of up to 30,000 pounds of tension & compression throughout the barn. All steel connections are hidden from view in the completed frame.

    8 timber framers raised the frame in 5 days. We used 950 one inch oak pegs & 560 three-quarter steel pins to assemble the massive timber frame barn.

    A huge barn can only be topped by a huge cupola: 16' x 16' x 18'H.

    We had a blast building this barn in New Hampshire and can’t wait to build the next one!

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