Mad River Barn Wedding Pavilion

    Located in Waitsfield, Vermont, we built this 40' x 100' timber frame wedding pavilion for Mad River Barn. With breathtaking queen post timber truss design, a variety of complex timber frame joinery, and visually interesting scarf joints with red oak wedges, this wedding pavilion provides a space worthy of life’s most important gatherings.

    The timber species is Eastern White Pine. 9 queen post timber trusses make up the 40' x 100' Timber Frame Wedding Pavilion. The queen post trusses were specially designed with scarf joints with red oak wedges on the bottom chords in order to span 40 feet. Complex & interesting joinery abounds on the timber frame pavilion, among which the wedged anchorbeam tenon joinery is a standout, also found on the queen post truss bottom chords. Ensuring the integrity of the structure is topmost in our design & engineering process, and therefore we engineered powder coated steel bolts and hidden plates into the design where needed to reinforce the traditional timber joinery.

    Our CNC machine played a starring role in the production of the timber frame wedding pavilion, cutting & shaping all the joinery on all the timbers for the frame, with a perfect balance of speed and accuracy. Even when faced with 10" x 14" x 32' Eastern White Pine timbers—the largest we’ve processed to date—the CNC machine powered through as if it was balsa wood. The precision of the wood-to-wood connections, the abundance of complex joinery throughout the frame, and the intricate design are the direct result of being crafted on our CNC machine.

    On site in Waitsfield, Vermont, our crew of passionate timber frame craftsmen assembled the timber trusses on the ground, then craned them into place. They were faced with many challenges, including snow that just didn’t want to stop. The good folks at Mad River Barn were kind enough to provide accommodations for the crew at the Inn and provide delicious, hearty breakfasts every day prior to a long, good day’s work outside in the snow.

    If you’re looking for a great Vermont wedding venue, now you know where to go.

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