26' x 32' Carriage Barn with 10' x 24' Lean-To, Fairfield, CT

    Life is better in the barn. Especially when it’s a post & beam barn featuring authentic timber frame joinery, heavy timbers, and exceptional build quality.

    The exterior of the barn features four double barn doors with antique hinges & oak latches. Transom windows above each set of doors brings in natural light and adds to the barn look. One of the most significant exterior features contributing to the unique look of this Carriage Barn is the 10' x 24' enclosed lean-to. By not going the entire length of the eave, an 8' area was created with a single door with timber frame eyebrow roof overhead.

    We cut all the timbers for this barn in our state-of-the-art shop in Ellington, CT on our CNC machine for precise & authentic timber joinery.

    Our design & engineering team worked behind the scenes to span 26' upstairs in the post & beam barn with no posts. This allowed for an inspiring and wide open design studio upstairs. Down the heavy timber stairway, there is a woodworking shop in the lean-to and a roomy 2-car garage in the center of the barn.

    With quality workmanship through and through, from design to engineering to complete build, with attention to the purpose of the space and the look of the exterior, it’s easy to see why life would be better in this barn!

    This barn, like all our timber frame barns, is available as a timber frame kit and can be customized to fit your needs. We can ship the timber frame kit (timber frame only) across the entire US, or can ship a complete kit to an address in the New England area. Also in New England, we can provide complete design-build services.

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