Elks Lodge, Danbury, CT

    The new Elks Lodge in Danbury is an architecturally stunning building. Timber framing in the gables, timber framed entrance, full walk-out basement, and wide open event space upstairs, all overlooking a river, this could very well be the best Elks Lodge in the state.

    5,650 square feet, 3 stories, turkey tail peaks, rustic vinyl siding, steel beams & columns, built ultra strong.

    The Elks Lodge is a hybrid design utilizing framing elements of concrete, steel, conventional wood, and timber frame construction.

    There are (3) timber frame arched gable accents. These feature a bottom chord that is carefully scribed to a radius to match the arched window below. Complete with mortise & tenon joinery, oak pegs and custom curved support brackets. Concealed steel rods ensure a strong connection.

    This Elks Lodge is to include a full custom bar with 16 stools, large area for group events, fire place, commercial kitchen, and a 1,000 square foot deck overlooking pond.

    Visitors are welcomed to the lodge with a custom timber frame portico entrance. Impressive in design and useful in function, the timber frame portico sets the tone for a relaxed, western-inspired atmosphere inside.