22' x 36' Post and Beam Carriage Barn, Burlington, CT

    It doesn’t get more picturesque than a red barn amongst a lush green background, and this Carriage Barn in Burlington, CT could certainly be a picture postcard. The beauty doesn’t stop on the outside. Inside, it’s all 100% real timber frame construction, from the timber sill all the way up to the roof rafters.

    Everywhere you look, you see proof that this post and beam barn is exceptionally built.

    The post & beam barn features a 10' Lean-To and 10' Porch Overhang. Eastern White Pine is the species and all timbers have a finished, planed surface. Traditional wood joinery with hardwood oak pegs can be found throughout—evidence of true mortise & tenon wood connections.

    This barn was provided to the customer in kit form, and our crew helped to raise the frame. More information can be found on our sister company The Barn Yard’s website: Timber Frame Kits »