36' x 48' Center Aisle Post & Beam Barn, Stow, MA

    Featuring a classic timber frame barn design, including center aisle with loft, this barn in Stow, MA looks like it was built on the property before the main residence...and that was exactly the plan.

    This is the real deal from the inside out: floor-to-ceiling Hemlock timbers, authentic post & beam construction, and all timbers joined together with traditional wood connections. 6x8 timber sills, 8x8 posts, 8x12 tie beams, 6x8 top plates, 4x8 arched braces, 4x4 purlins, 4x8 rafters.

    The barn look is all in the details. On the exterior, notice the large split sliding barn doors with half glass, the custom entry door with oak latch, and the cow catcher gable peak with loft doors and gooseneck light. The windows are real pine, and are designed & placed consistent with older barns. Siding is 1x8 kiln dried vertical shiplap pine.

    A 12' x 48' open roof overhang, again constructed with traditional timber framing using heavy timbers and mortise & tenon joinery, extends the useable space of the barn, provides a great transition from the back yard, and hints at the true timber frame construction inside.

    All of the details and design considerations helped create a barn that not only looks like it’s from another time, it’s actually built using centuries old timber framing techniques, perfectly paired with today’s standards for engineering and precision.