Office Building with Timber Frame Porch, Bethel, CT

    The design of this office building was inspired by an old bank near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It incorporates elements of timber framing, rusty metal, and reclaimed barn board siding.

    Built in Bethel, CT, this building stands out from all the other buildings in the area, with a strong western design and unique timber framed porch. The porch uses authentic mortise & tenon joinery and features a rusty metal roof. We reclaimed posts & beams from old barns to make the clapboard siding for the building. There are a total of 6 timber framed awnings over the windows on two sides of the office. Rusty metal siding is used up to the base of the windows on the two sides, providing a rustic, western look. Even though the building is conventionally framed, the clever use of reclaimed posts & beams on the exterior gives the look of a true timber framed structure. Finishing off the top of the office is a parapet also made with reclaimed barn board.

    Inside, a spectacular ceiling made with reclaimed wood commands your attention. The intricacies of the old wood is so interesting to look at, with each piece telling a unique story. One can only imagine the history the reclaimed beams have witnessed.

    The office could really be the set of a western movie, and the owners of the office have actually been approached about it.