39' x 45' Timber Frame Barn, Southbury, CT

    With a distinctive timber frame design, this post & beam barn features hemlock bents with floor-to-ceiling posts. An eye-catching and structural tension rod is used between two posts in the entry, in place of a timber beam. Visitors gaze upwards and marvel at the nearly 3 stories of timber frame perfection.

    Where do we start in describing this beauty.

    Let’s start, for simplicity’s sake, upstairs in the second floor loft. The timber frame design we implemented is versatile by design, enabling the loft to span between two timber bents. The timber design would have allowed for the loft to span all of the bents in the barn, but the client wanted the other bents to be open for visual impact. Two functional timber frame transom dormers provide extra space in the loft. (The third dormer is faux.) One can gaze out from the loft and enjoy a view of nearly 3 stories.

    Structurally, the bents need a tie beam to complete the frame, so in place of one beam, we opted for a cool tension rod with turnbuckle to resist the outward thrust cast on the posts at that location. The result is an impressive design that the eye has no hesitation to explore.

    A special two-tone stain was used inside the barn, staining the main bents a rustic color and the decking another for pleasing visual effect.

    On the exterior, massive barn doors welcome visitors (and tractors, in this case). Even the timber frame roof overhang can be occupied by tractors, it is so spacious.

    The client loves the new barn, and so do we.

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