42' Octagonal Timber Frame Water Tower (Stonington CT)
42' Octagonal Timber Frame Water Tower (Stonington CT)
Timber Frame Water Tower Ceiling with Boss Pin
Timber Framers Connecting Timbers
Timber Framers Pounding in the Oak Peg
Timber Framers Setting Timbers
Looking Up in the Octagonal Water Tower
Two Thumbs Up from this Timber Framer
Timber Frame Water Tower Raising
Eastern White Pine Timbers
Nearly Complete Raising the Timber Frame Octagon
Boss Pin & Timber Framing in the Water Tower Ceiling
Attaching the Top of the Tower by Colonial Home
Timber Framers on Lifts Installing Purlins
Looking Straight Up in the Octagonal Timber Frame Water Tower

    42' Octagonal Timber Frame Water Tower, Stonington, CT

    This is one of the oldest properties in Stonington, dating back to the 1700s, with an original colonial-style timber frame home. As one of the first homes in the town with running water, water pressure was created by gravity feed via the original water tower. When the old water tower was no longer structurally sound, we were called upon to build a new one in the same style as the old one. The result is accurate to the time period, and should it be located on the shore, could pass as a lighthouse.

    Beginning with a detailed, historically accurate design, we cut all the timber frame joinery to exact specifications on our CNC machine. Next, we assembled four of the eight sides in our shop. Those four sides were raised on site, one by one, and connected together with a combination of wood joinery and concealed steel. Two stairway landings were installed inside at approximately 9' high intervals. The top of the water tower was assembled on the ground and raised in one piece, with window purlins installed at the very end.

    The water tower will have shiplap siding, tall windows, and a spiral staircase inside. The species is Eastern White Pine.

    Below, see renderings and more photos from the raising, plus a photo of the original water tower.