About Great Country Timber Frames

    High quality CNC-machined timber frames. Inspired design. Made in Ellington, CT.

    The Skinner family by the CNC machine
    The Skinner family by the CNC machine

    Owned and operated by the Skinner family, Great Country Timber Frames is headquartered in Ellington, CT—the same town where the family was born and raised. Building on a 30-year tradition of hard work and craftsmanship, Great Country Timber Frames designed, engineered, and built their 12,000+ square foot manufacturing and design facility in 2015. It is out of this headquarters that the company designs & cuts timber frames and timber components for post and beam barns, garages, homes, and other timber framed buildings.

    Housed within the facility is a state-of-the-art CNC timber processing machine, which was shipped from Italy and is one of only two of its class in use within the United States. The CNC machine cuts mortise & tenon joinery with extreme precision. When timbers are joined together with wood connections, as is the case in true timber-framed buildings, the more precise the joinery, the stronger the frame. In an effort to maintain a “green” facility, waste from the machine, including sawdust and wood scraps, are transported via a dust collection system and compressed into bio fuel briquettes called “Timber Pucks.”

    Timber frame buildings can be 100% timber frame, or conventionally framed with timber accents only. Great Country Timber Frames is not limited just to timber framing. If a client has a vision for a conventionally framed home with just a few rustic beams added for look, Great Country Timber Frames is still a perfect fit.

    The Skinner family also owns The Barn Yard & Great Country Garages, the industry leader in quality sheds, custom garages, post & beam barns, and timber frame pavilions. The Barn Yard is one of Great Country Timber Frames’ biggest clients, needing timbers designed and cut for its popular post and beam Carriage Barns and Saratoga Barns.

    We look forward to working with you.