Scenes from the Shop 2

Continuing our behind-the-scenes tour of our advanced manufacturing & design facility, let’s see the CNC machine in action. All of our timber frames are cut on a state of the art CNC machine (1 of 2 in the US) which allows us to offer the most authentic, precise, and complex joinery available today.

The CNC machine selects the piece of wood, clamps it, and into the machine it goes. Step 1: Select the tool. Step 2: Crank up the saw and cut the timber to length. Next, you can see the CNC machine cutting at an angle and carving out a tenon in a kneebrace. It then carves out our signature arch in the kneebrace. Joe watches for the finished piece. Every piece is numbered and inspected for quality. In the case of these arched braces, they are loaded on the cart and headed to the next station.

Check out part 3 for what happens next.

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Posted to Blog: Wednesday, May 24, 2017