The Timber Frame Octagon at Sonny’s Place in Somers CT

    The completed timber frame at Sonny’s is nothing short of incredible. Spanning 70' wide with a 24' wide compression ring & cupola suspended 35' above the center, this huge timber frame structure is an exceptional feat of design & engineering.

    Looking up at the 13,000 pound compression ring and cupola, the compression ring is a daunting 24' in diameter—that’s as wide as a two-car garage. Everywhere you look, the timbers in the octagon form interesting patterns. In the design & engineering phase of the project, we looked at every timber connection as an opportunity to use authentic & complex timber frame joinery, with concealed steel when necessary.

    Case in point regarding concealed steel is the outer tension ring. The outer ring of the octagon has to withstand a very high tension force so we custom made metal strapping that will be completely hidden when it’s all finished.

    The result is a beautiful tangle of timbers.

    The timber frame looked like this for only about an hour when these pictures were taken. Since then, roof decking and SIP panels have been added, and crews are busy tying the octagon into the gambrel building. Windows & doors will be added next.

    We have many more pictures to share, so follow this blog for the latest.

    Posted to Blog: Friday, March 24, 2017