Scenes from the Shop 5

This timber frame kit is the end result of all the hard work our dedicated employees put in throughout the process. From precision cutting to hand sanding, it's a one of a kind kit that is ready to be shipped and raised on site.

We love looking at authentic, complex timber frame joinery—just all the intricacies and precision in the joinery, picturing how the timbers will fit together. All the work that goes into it shows in the end product. It is a proud moment when a timber frame kit leaves the shop and heads to the customer’s site. Because each kit is designed by timber frame artists and crafted with extreme precision, the timbers fit together perfectly on raising day. It’s a challenge to design and cut a frame with wood-only connections secured by oak pegs instead of nails, but it’s also a tradition of building we are proud to carry on.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these scenes from the shop. Next we’ll show you a little bit of the design side of our facility in Ellington, CT.

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Posted to Blog: Thursday, May 25, 2017