Scenes from the Shop 4

That smooth, velvet-like finish on our timber frames is the result of the hard work of our sanding crew, next in our behind-the-scenes tour.

When you’re working with heavy timbers, a forklift comes in handy. Here, Devin moves the timbers from the CNC machine to the sanding station. It’s smart to sand the timbers before they’re raised on site because it’s a whole lot easier to sand timbers in the shop than up a ladder on site. Andy and John show us how it’s done. They sand every timber to a smooth velvet-like finish. You could say Andy and John are smooth operators. When asked how it’s going, John often replies, “Living the dream!” That’s pretty much what we all think to be working at Great Country Timber Frames.

See part 5 for the finished timber frame kit.

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Posted to Blog: Wednesday, May 24, 2017